Glow In the Dark Dog Collars Aim to Keep Your Pup Safe at Night


Glow in the dark collars are a great tool for any dog lover. As an owner, the safety of your dog is paramount. Whether its tirelessly researching the best kibble, or taking safety measures such as microchipping, the wellbeing of our dogs are our foremost priority.  Tragically being killed by cars is a leading cause of canine fatalities. I was shocked to learn that over 1.2 million dogs are killed each year after being the victim of such accidents. This number is just too high. After loosing my best friend, my labrador Connor, to a motorist in 2012 I quickly understood how real these numbers actually were and wanted to know more. I couldn't understand how dog fatalities and human fatalities were virtually identical especially given that dogs don't drive.  I found a large segment of dogs being struck by cars occurred at night.  The problem at night is simple. Dogs, even light colored dogs, are largely not visible to motorists at night, and once they are seen it is often too late to prevent the collision. LED dog collars are great at bringing your dog out of the night and giving them a illuminated presence after dark. Glow in the dark collars can be seen from as far away as 100 yards.  This much lead time can take a huge bite to combat the obstacle of visibility which is the leading catalyst in after hour pet collisions.  When it comes to your pup nothing trumps safety. Glow in the dark collars are the best way to give your dog a presence at night.