LED Dog Collars: A Light in the Darkness

For the past 5 years I have been the proud parent of a blind beagle mix.  At times, the simplest activities can be highly anxious for me. Taking Miles out for walks or going to the park can make my stomach turn with nerves as Miles often wanders aimlessly following his nose. He often meanders not knowing he is at times putting himself in danger, and it can be quite difficult for people and cars to see him. 

A couple months back my friend bought me a Petabunga LED dog collar and it changed everything.  The collar has been a godsend for my nerves. The LED dog collar is intensely bright making it extremely difficult for someone not to see Miles. Its allowed me peace of mind and has given Miles more freedom. I don't feel like I have to be such a hovering parent at the dog park or even in my yard. 

I know Miles is a rare case, and not too many other dog owners share my experience.  That said, the LED dog collar doesn’t limit itself to a blind beagle mix.  It truly should be in every dog owners tool bag.  Making your dog visible to other people and especially cars is a huge plus for all dog’s safety.