Light Up Dog Collars Merge Tradition with Technology

Light up dog collars bring your dog into the 21st century. In an age where we can swipe right to request a ride share or even a date, light up dog collars help bring your furry friend into the digital age. While collars have been around for hundreds of years they have changed very little, until now. Light up dog collars have brought the latest in LED and battery technology to the forefront.  

The micronization of this technology has allowed the pet industry to capitalize on really cool and useful gadgets, such as light up dog collars. These dog collars have an LED band wrapped around the collar and secured with transparent material to allow the collar to give an extremely bright and visible glow. The LED lights do not require a lot of power to illuminate which is great.  

The LED lights in the light up dog collars are fused to a lithium-ion battery (seen in below picture), the same lithium-ion that powers mobile devices and laptops. Using the high quality battery bank the light up collars allow them to remain lit for many hours of nighttime fun without having to constantly swap out batteries.

By having the battery bank being charged with a micro-USB the light up dog collars are not only a neat gadget that can be used for fun or safety, they are 100% eco-friendly.