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Petabunga® LED Dog Collar + USB Rechargeable

We designed our LED dog collar to glow extremely bright, allowing your pup to be seen and safe to anyone, especially motorist, at dusk, night, and dawn. Don’t compromise your dogs safety with a cheap alternative, only trust the Petabunga® brand.

  • Our LED dog collar is of superior design so it can be used to the fullest for the most active of dogs without breaking.
  • USB rechargeable and designed to allow your dog to be rough and tough without damaging the charging unit.
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  • Over 6 MILLION Dogs and Cats are Killed Each Year On U.S. Roads. Increase Your Pet's Visibility So They Can Be Seen by Motorist at Night.
    Why is the Petabunga LED + USB Dog Collar the Right Choice for You and Your Dog?
    ✔ Extremely durable design. Our LED Dog Collar is designed to be used to the fullest, all day, year round, for many years. Unlike our competitors, the USB charging unit is enclosed in a break-proof hard plastic casing, making it near impossible to damage the charging unit and wiring. We do this with a minimalistic approach, so the collar is not bulky or bothersome to your dog, and is also not heavy in weight. We take pride in the durability of our collars.

    ✔ Our LED lights are very bright, providing increased visibility from all angles in the dark hours of night, dusk, and dawn. We are dog owners, and love the safety these collars bring to our dogs around motorist.

    ✔ The metal loop for the leash is located in the middle of the collar - not near the buckle. This means that when you walk your dog the collar will not rotate, allowing the LED to shine around your dogs neck and be seen from all angles at all times.

    No batteries needed, ever! The LED collar charges via micro USB, cable included.
    Built To Last
    This collar is ruggedly designed for the most playful pup and designed to take a beating and still work perfectly.
    No Batteries Needed
    With the micro usb charger, you'll never have to buy batteries. Just charge the collar like you would your smartphone - cable included.
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